Event Fundraising Programs

Launch a fundraising program to drive event or charity awareness and give back to a good cause.


Why use fundraising software from Active Network, Giving?

Active Network, Giving’s team of experienced professionals will help you develop, manage and promote online donations and fundraising for your next event or campaign. Our online donation and fundraiser programs allow your staff, volunteers, participants and donors to easily make contributions online to raise money for your charity.


Event Fundraising Management

  • Industry-leading fundraising support and management tools to ensure the success of your event
  • Individual and team fundraising pages for increased awareness and participation
  • Real-time reports for increased oversight into fundraising goals, top donors and progress

Online Fundraising

  • 24/7 secure credit card processing online anytime, from anywhere
  • Customized event fundraising pages to match the look of your website
  • Integration between fundraising programs and registration to secure additional contributions and allow participants to help with the fundraising efforts
  • Automated online donation collection, fundraising and accounting
  • Robust email management tools for targeted marketing and email blasts

Donor Management

  • Collect, maintain and access donor contact information online
  • Enter and manage donor information for both online and offline donations paid by check or cash
  • Send customized automated thank yous and tax receipts for all donations


  • No set-up, monthly or maintenance fees
  • Access to experienced fundraising professionals
  • Streamlined fundraising and donor management
  • Improved communication and marketing online and via email
  • Increased oversight with real-time reports and automated accounting
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