Online Donations and Fundraising

Donation software to help develop, manage and promote online donations and fundraising


Why use Active Network, Giving, to manage your campaigns?

Exceed your goals using Active Network, Giving’s complete online fundraising and donation software. Providing online tools to thousands of non-profit organizations, Active has easy solutions for creating individual fundraising pages, collecting donations online, tracking progress and promoting your event to ideal donors and active lifestyle enthusiasts.


Complete online campaign and donor management software

  • Create a compelling, updated and easy-to-use donation webpage with content management tools
  • Attract more donors with individual and team fundraising pages
  • Access donor information 24 hours a day
  • Automatically generage tax-deductible receipts and custom thank you letters
  • Reach potential and existing contributors with robust e-mail management tools
  • Maximize results with integrated registration and fundraising
  • View real-time reports and analytics
  • Process donations and payment automatically


  • 24/7 secure payment processing
  • Strict privacy policies ensure your donors’ personal information will never be sold to a third party
  • Encryption certificates safeguard all payment information from interception during the transmission process

Benefits for:

  • Organizations

    • No monthly maintenance or set-up fees. Free to get started!
    • Excellent support team to help campaign administrators and all fundraisers
    • Extended reach to potential donors through viral marketing resources
    • Easily accessible donor information and detailed reporting
    • Quick and efficient donation processing
    • Unsurpassed confidence in Active’s industry-leading security measures
  • Participants

    • Convenient and easy set up for online donation pages to support your fundraising and collect secure online donations
    • Automated confirmation with personalized thank yous and tax-deductible receipts sent to all donors
    • Useful fundraising tips and help docs provided
    • Personal fundraising link which can be posted on various social networking sights, in your personal email tagline or to send out in press releases
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