Training Plans

Get your participants involved and prepared with an athletic training tool designed to help them, and your organization, succeed.


Why use a training program from Active Network, Giving?

Whatever type or size of event, Active Network, Giving, gives your participants the tools they need to perform at their best, while providing your organization with a new source of revenue. Our training tool helps your participants set goals, monitor progress and maximize their event experience.


Personalized Training Plans

  • Offer a wide range of unique training plans to guide your participants through a progressive training schedule that aligns with their athletic abilities and goals
  • Distribute weekly training tips via email to keep participants encouraged and involved
  • Create message boards to develop an interactive team of users that inform and support each other during training
  • Provide training log analysis to quickly inform participants of their progress
  • Automate emails to send daily reminders on training programs and schedules
  • Develop full training calendars that can be customized to meet an individual’s personal schedule
  • Collect details on event participants with informative online registration forms

Individualized Support

  • Allow users to select from training programs that range from beginner to advanced levels
  • Support participants’ success by providing training log analysis that identifies when personal training goals have been met and when new goals should be set
  • Build tools allowing users to create custom training calendars to avoid conflict with other commitments
  • Establish online communities to encourage interaction amongst participants, allowing individuals to address questions or concerns with fellow trainees
  • Provide 24-hour access when and where it is most convenient for participants

Additional Revenue Sources

  • Offer tiered training plans that provide more features at varied costs
  • Increase exposure value for sponsors by offering sponsorships of various training tools
  • Drive site traffic and event participation

Product Video and Screenshots:

Benefits for:

  • Organizations

    • Increased revenues through training plan options that support and prepare event participants
    • Added exposure and opportunities for event sponsors
    • Increased website traffic from participants, friends and family members
  • Participants

    • Customized training programs by distance, ability and time goals
    • Daily tips to motivate and encourage during the training process
    • Email reminders with details on their training schedules and goals to keep them fully engaged and committed
    • Improved race day experience
    • Access to fellow event participants for tips or advice on how to maximize training programs to receive the desired results
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