Website Design & Hosting

Active Network, Giving, can help you develop a strong web presence with charity website design and hosting solutions.


Why use Active’s website design and hosting solutions?

Active Network, Giving, provides comprehensive fundraising website solutions to customize and integrate all registration and donation pages to match your organization’s current branding. In addition to our in-house design and hosting capabilities, you have access to our user-friendly content management tools to take control of your website and keep content up-to-date.


Complete Website Design & Hosting

  • Choose the design, layout and details of every page to effectively capture all marketing and branding goals
  • Create a strong online presence with a professional and custom-designed website
  • Easily update content with simple editing tools that don’t require technical expertise
  • Optimize search engine placement by implementing HTML coding and meta data management
  • Integrate sharp enhancements such as flash, photo galleries and pop-ups
  • Improve communication with your donors by uploading organizational news, blogs and event details
  • Monitor your site traffic through advanced website statistics and analytics

Self-Service Website Development

  • Quickly and easily launch your fundraising or charity website using advanced templates and development tools
  • Create a compelling site that delivers your organization’s key messages
  • Enhance search engine placement by developing a website that is easily recognized by all major search engines
  • Quickly revise and publish website content and pages to update users on organizational news
  • Receive and track donations online, 24 hours a day

Digital Fundraising

  • Instantly organize donor information and funds received online to eliminate manual processes and paper trails
  • Create a variety of campaign sites to drive donations 24 hours a day
  • Keep fundraising efforts on track with broadcast email capabilities, donation reports and goal-setting tools
  • Store and manage fundraising documents, such as images, videos, PDFs, Powerpoints and more

Benefits for:

  • Organizations

    • Expert website development options that deliver your compelling messages to the community online and drive marketing efforts
    • Increased website traffic and visibility on the web
    • Seamless registration and fundraising integration to your website
    • Secure and reliable website hosting services
    • Full control over website content, without the need for technical expertise
    • Dedicated customer service support team to help your organization create a strong web presence to meet your fundraising goals
  • Participants

    • Easily find organizations of interest online
    • Get involved and donate via user-friendly features
    • Receive up-to-date information to make decisions and stay abreast of organization news
    • Securely submit payments for registrations and donations, and receive automated email confirmations
    • Get involved from anywhere in the world, at any time and at any desired level
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